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Client Info

It’s A Wrap! Burbank
3315 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 567-7366

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Beverly Hills Store

Store Hours:     Monday, Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday 10:30am-6:00pm
            Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:30am-8:00pm

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit the official It’s A Wrap! website. 

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Our Mission Statement:
  “To obtain our Client the highest return for unwanted wardrobe and props, at the same time alleviate the costs of storage, shipping, handling, labor and other related costs.”
West Side General Services

Consignment sale or outright purchase
Sales in our beautiful 7,000 square foot Burbank store
Large volume and small size consignments or purchase
Free storage during the duration of the sale in our warehouse
Same day wardrobe pick up
Local wardrobe transportation including trucks, supplies and labor
Possible partial payment of shipping costs

Shipment to our facility from any location throughout the world
Disposal of rubbish or donation to charity or your choice-if needed
Detailed inventory of all items consigned (bar code)
Corresponding consignment remittance report for complete audit trail of each item (Computerized Point-Of-Sale)

Free Storage Services

Free storage through post production in our 10,000 square foot warehouse
Guaranteed Secure” storage through post production (security alarm and security cameras)
Wardrobe availability for re-shoots 24 hours a day
Record kept of items checked out for re-shoots and It’s A Wrap! assured return
Our warehouse and stores are monitored by Digital Recorded Surveillance Cameras
Museum quality controlled storage for rare costumes and collectibles.

Front Desk Counter Retail Sales

Liquidation of high, middle or low end wardrobe to our established customer base
Specialty sales including costumes, western, science fiction, sportswear, gear and more
Sales of costumes in our annual Halloween Costume Shoppe
All articles are security tagged to avoid theft (Checkpoint)
Our stores and warehouse are monitored by Digital Recorded Surveillance Cameras

Private company sales to your employees on-the-lot or in our beautiful retail store/s (large dressing rooms, private upstairs showroom display, heated/air conditioned, well lit, room to display clothing and accessories) We have made a commitment to the environment by using recycled plastic bags, recycled paper products and reducing/reusing/recycling in every way possible.  We have created a market for many items the studios would consider trash, saving space in landfills.

Memorabilia Fulfilment

Sales of your memorabilia on our website, in our retail stores or in auction
Pick up of all items from your facility or coordination of items for shipment
Detailed numerical accounting of each item/s (bar code)
Digital photography including dressing of mannequins, proper backdrops and lighting, and picture development
Detailed descriptions of each item for the sale or auction
Establishment of reserve prices
Daily or weekly uploading of items to our website or the auction page
Strategic planning for uploading items (to avoid duplicates) and auction duration
Storage in our warehouse during the duration of the auction/sale
UPS or FedEx shipping for all items interstate and national and USPS shipping for all international packages
Handling including pulling of items from storage, wrapping, boxing, labels and insurance
Detailed accounting of each item sold
Customer service including daily telephone and email correspondence
Authentication of items used in production and It’s A Wrap! 100% guarantee
Certificate of Authenticity with unique seal and unique numbering system
Collection of funds from the customers including credit cards, money orders and checks
Coordination with the Charity of your choice for a charity based auction
Availability for customer pick up

Special Services

Studio sales on-the-lot
Private employee-only sale in one of our retail stores
Live public auction in one of our retail stores
Private sale to our specialty collectors
Donation of the proceeds to the charity of you choice

Charmed Area
Higher Returns

Your items are displayed for the full consignment period to allow the maximum amount of time for the highest selling price.
Each department is organized by item type and value, allowing us to maximize our selling capacity.
We move out new merchandise 7 days a week
We have the market to sell any type of wardrobe and props, such as high end designer labels, formal wear, sports wear, gear and vintage clothing, or modern, antique or specialty props and sets
Sales of otherwise “unmarketable” items in our annual Halloween Costume Shoppe, including bloody, ripped and torn
Mailers and e-mail are regularly sent to our database of over 40,000 customers, with announcements on new arrivals, special sales, upcoming auctions or unique items for sale.
It’s A Wrap!  receives over 100,000 website hits per month.


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